"Overlooking the plain Aups to the heart of the Haut-Var, stands a stone building dating from the late sixteenth century the castle of Moissac. For ten years, Louis and Marie-Christine, moved by this place, proceeded to restore it. This remains a need to abandon, as the owners like to say, a work of Titan and Ant.

Everything has been redone in the traditional way, with the old. Louis maîtred'oeuvre, managed only entire site. Marie-Christine, stylist job, took care of the decor, revealing tastefully essential materials: lime, stone and wood ranges in color from very subtle. Tonight, tassels, beads and lights reflected in the antique mirrors.

On Christmas Eve, tassels, beads and lights reflected in the antique mirrors. The twilight, so sweet, as it ignites candles repeated infinitely. Christmas here is timeless. This place, both theatrical, poetic and magnificent, lends itself to the magic of the holidays and delicacies Louis prepares in its huge vaulted kitchen is the heart of the home.

According to the custom of Provence, a large wicker tray full of tasty treats to enjoy religiously: the famous thirteen desserts of Christmas reminiscent of the Last Supper thirteen guests. According to tradition, the board consists of four "beggars": hazelnuts or walnuts (symbol des Augustins), figs (Franciscans), almonds (Carmelites), raisins (Dominicans). There are also focaccia (broken bread in remembrance of the Christ) and six dried fruit of choice (raisins, oranges, dates ...). An equally instructive that closing this charming single night in a mesmerizing.

At midnight, at Château de Moissac, the doors open to the south. Menu, truffle, tapenade and thirteen desserts. It's like paradise".

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