Look what amazing finding I found on the beautiful Lia's blog, the Ellinée! Lia shows us several beautiful inspiratios. It's worth checking. Really, a wonderful finding for all those who love Christmas!

1. Snowflake Sugar Cookies by Crafted Cookie on Etsy
2. Paper Snowflakes from Ellinée.com
3. Snow Cluster Earrings by Ooooh Shiny on Etsy
4. Snowy Holiday Cheer Invitation by Ellinée
5. Snowflake Burlap Gift Bags by Funky Shique on Etsy
6. White Chocolate Snowflake Lollipops by The Frosted Petticoat on Etsy
7. Christmas Snow by Madden Photography on Esty
8. Let it Snow Necklace by Pure Roxin Print on Etsy

via: Ellinée


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