Perivolas has a charm that is unique, known only to those who have already visited and enjoyed its wonderful spaces. With a breathtaking scenery, it's like a dream materialized specially for our delight.

"It's the ultimate in laidback luxury. Poised on the cliff high above the Aegean, this intimate escape is designed as a place where you can let the rest of the world slip away. Built amphitheatrically, Perivolas’ secluded location combines expansive views with the luxury of absolute tranquillity. 

It’s just a short walk from Oia, the most beautiful village on Greece’s most romantic and dramatic island, Santorini. Terraced gardens spill down the slope to the infinity pool, which seems to slip off the rim of the cliff and bleed into the blue horizon. It is easy to linger here all day, watching the changing light until the sun settles into the sea".

Perivolas, Grecianparadise


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