Okay, so possibly this is a large statement and feasible over-endorsement. But it was either that, or Pinterest located me at a time in my life when I actually needed to be reminded who I was, what I loved and what I required to produced me tick. For those readers who don’t know what Pinterest is, take a moment to come out from below your rock, and pay a visit to the mecca that is www.pinterest.com a booming hub for like-minded Creatives to share all their cool interests on virtual pin boards. Each pin hyperlinks to its exclusive URL and acts as tiny portal into the PINspiring planet at huge.

Getting previously lost myself in a dot-to-dot career that wiped out what I loved about myself in lieu of a good salary and fancy CV, I had completely lost touch with myself. Cue Pinterest. This handy social-light helped me rebuild my profile and redefine what I had known the whole time. 36 boards and 4 953 pins later I now have a snap shot of my life and what I want to be, have and do when I grow up. I even took items one step further and now run Pinspired craft classes for like-minded ladies that want to make their DIY pins a reality. I suppose this is my way of contributing to the creative chain, and surrounding myself with other inspiring woman who are expressing themselves, one artistic project at a time.

o Pinterest Changed My Life! amazing ideas

So with this in thoughts, it was only fitting that my newest DIY project was a real-life pin board for my art studio. Here’s how it happened:

You will need:

  • 1 x old frame (preferably with its backing board)

  • Loose cork sheeting

  • 1 x cutting knife and board

  • 1 x painters tape

  • Craft glue

  • Silicone glue

  • Drawing pins

  • Buttons and bits


  1. Locate an old frame- the larger the better. Take away the glass (you won’t be needing this any much more).

  2. Get a roll of soft cork (sold by the meter)

  3. With your cutting knife, reduce the cork to the size of the backing board.

  4. Paste cork onto the backing.

  5. Assemble the frame, as you would typically do when putting in the glass and picture. Reinforce the back by taping where the backing meets the frame.

  6. For a fun touch, use a silicone glue gun to attach buttons or trinkets to flat drawing pins. Now you have some entertaining personalised pins to attach your bits and bobs.

  7. Pin to your hearts content.

o Pinterest Changed My Life! amazing ideas

And that’s how I created my Pinterest tribute pin board: Taking the old and forgotten and giving it a new lease on life. Possibly my next project must be printing a T-shirt that says, “Pinned this. Completed that!” …Hmmm what an Pinspirational concept…better rapidly get onto Pinterest and discover out how to silkscreen!

For far more info on Andy’s Pinspired craft classes, click right here. Pay a visit to me right here on Pinterest.


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